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PayPal Creates iOS SDK to Integrate Checkouts and Payments Directly in Apps [iOS Blog]

PaypalPayPal today introduced a new mobile SDK that allows iOS app developers to integrate PayPal checkout and mobile credit card payment mechanisms directly into their apps.

Currently, iOS developers can include PayPal payment buttons into their apps, but users are redirected to Safari to complete their transactions. Now, users will be able to pay without ever leaving the app, including using PayPal's technology that allows users to pay with a credit card by taking a picture of it rather than manually entering the credit card number.

Apple does something similar in iTunes 11 with iTunes Gift Cards.
Mobile SDK – Everyone knows that mobile is changing the way consumers shop and pay, and no one more than developers who must have a mobile presence to compete in today's environment. We're launching a mobile SDK so that developers can deliver great experiences for their customers by reducing friction when it comes to payments. Customers never leave the developer's app experience to pay and they have more choice in the way they want to pay – simply click a PayPal button or scan a credit card using our technology. We're making it available for iOS developers first, but we'll expand to other platforms soon.
PayPal promises more APIs and capabilities through the rest of 2013.

Apple’s eBay store offers significantly better deals on refurbs (and that’s before tax+pay

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9to5Mac first broke the news that Apple sold refurbished merchandise through its own eBay store last year, equipped with the same price tags, full warranties, and approved inspections, and now the company has dropped prices on many of those items below what it offers at

9to5Toys and eventually Dealnews recently noticed a $100 price cut for Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air with 1.8GHz i5 and 128GB of storage (now over). It costs $100 more at for the same refurbished unit.

An even better eBay deal has emerged today: Apple's 11.6-inch MacBook Air with 1.8GHz, 4GB SDRAM and 256GB SSD is only $949. It's certified refurbished unite, while the same refurb model goes for $1,059 on, and the 256GB MacBook Airs start at $1,299 new. All items come with free standard shipping, and eBay adds sales tax for only a few states at purchase and allows folks to pay with PayPal and BillMeLater.


While it is unknown why Apple is selling its refurbished products at different prices on eBay, it is possible that Apple is testing different price points, trying to move refurbished products in bulk, or even giving eBay power sellers products to sell at a discount and increase sales.

We continue to list all exceptional deals at eBay and other retailers at

Additional refurbished products on sale at the official Apple eBay store include $30 and $50 off the fourth-generation iPod touch in respective 32Gb and 64GB capacities$15 off the third-generation Apple TV, and $50 off the Verizon 3G Pad 2 in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

Locations where Apple's eBay store charges tax: