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Apple successfully defends itself against Motorola in latest patent case


Apple successfully defended itself against a Motorola lawsuit over an accidental hang-up sensor on its iPhone line. Bloomberg reported this evening that U.S. International Trade Commission judge Thomas Pender ruled in Apple's favor, as he has before, declaring Motorola's patent invalid. The ITC's commission still has the power to review the ruling, but that hasn't stopped Motorola from releasing an official statement on the matter.

Jennifer Erickson, a Motorola Mobility spokesperson, told Bloomberg in a statement: "We're disappointed with this outcome and are evaluating our options." Motorola is a part of Mountain View-based Google, which was acquired last August for $12.5 billion in a patent defense move.

Motorola's collective lawsuit was filed in August with a claim that Apple violated seven patents with its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iOS products, and even Macs. The suit was filed during the same time Apple worked to defeat Samsung in a historic patent case that played out during the better part of August. Samsung was ultimately ruled to pay damages of more than $1 billion.

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Just Released:

MapChoice | $0.99: A new app just released on the App Store provides you with access to both Apple's new Maps and Google Maps in a single app. Your position will transfer from one map to the other, and it also includes StreetView and Foursquare integration.

MapChoice gives you a choice between old and new maps. You can also view Street View and search using FourSquare.


Instagram-iconInstagram version 3.4.0 | FREE: Instagram gets updated today with support for 25 languages, a new "Mayfair" filter, Facebook iOS 6 integration, and more.

- Instagram is now available in 25 languages!
- New filter: Mayfair
- Share photos from any album
- Facebook iOS 6 integration
- Improved performance and bug fixes

The Wall Street Journal version 5.0 | FREE: The Wall Street Journal just updated its iOS app, moving content on iPhone and iPad to Apple's Newsstand and providing users with automatically updated issues each morning. WSJ will now offer in-app subscriptions, billing users directly to their iTunes accounts monthly. The updated app also includes Alerts for breaking news.

Newsstand & Alerts
- WSJ is now in Newsstand! Get new issues automatically delivered to your device overnight. To use Newsstand, tap 'Allow' when prompted.
- Note: WSJ App icon will now appear in the Newsstand Folder.
- Breaking News Alerts from WSJ. To get alerts, tap 'Allow' when prompted.
In-App Subscriptions
StubHub Seat Maps- Purchase a monthly subscription to WSJ through your iTunes account. With a digital subscription you get access to iPad, iPhone, and more.

StubHub version 4.1.0 | FREE: The StubHub iOS app gets updated with more interactive seat maps, the ability to see your view before buying tickets, iPhone 5 support, and more:

• Interactive seat maps for certain football and basketball games: filter ticket listings by section
• View from section: see the view from your section before you buy (for many events)
• iPhone 5 support
• Improved sharing (Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging)
• Ability to add events to your calendar
• User interface enhancements

MapQuest version 3.3 | FREE:

• You can now send maps and routes from to your phone and open them in the MapQuest App

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin | $0.99: Microsoft's previously Windows Phone-only title gets iPhone 5 support and new features:

• Visuals now updated for native iPhone 5 resolution
• Additional cutscenes added to reveal more of the Tentacles saga
• Graphical improvements made. Tentacles has never looked more adorable… or creepy.

Path version 2.9 | FREE:

★ Search – rediscover memories on Path by season, moment-type, holidays, weather, dates, people, places, nearby, and more!

HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone version 2.3 | FREE:

- New transit maps available for purchase
- Updated Transit Fare details page
- Improved sorting within Schedules search experience
- New cities: Blacksburg, VA; Bend, OR, La Crosse; WI, Ventura, CA; Yuma, AZ; Walla Walla, WA; Clemson, SC; and Kingsport, TN
- Various bug fixes and improvements

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes version 5.9.0 | FREE:

✓ Completely re-designed the 'My Movies' tab of iPad for better performance and easier access to movies in your collection, want-to-see list or ratings.
✓ Improved login flow on iPad
✓ Downloaded movies are now accessible even if you log out (after downloading the movie). Please note that due to licensing restrictions, we can only show downloaded movies from the last logged-in account.

Mercury Browser version 7.2 | FREE:

- Add "Support" and "Hot Apps" buttons to action panel
- New theme "Byebye2012″
- New backgrounds for News Reader
- Scroll web pages to left or right to switch tabs

Vyclone version 1.7.2 | FREE:

• You can now Vyclone any movie by importing from your camera roll, find this feature inside Vyclone's camera
• New camera interface allows you to see how many Vycloners are nearby before you start filming
• Camera displays your location or the event you are at
• Tap and hold in the camera to lock your focus at a fixed distance
• Notifications on movies you have commented on
• Warning when your device is running low on storage
• Auto-save videos filmed in Vyclone to your camera roll, available from settings
• Various interface tweaks and bug fixes

500px version 2.0.2 | FREE:

• Browse photos by category on iPhone. Just pull down on a grid of photos to reveal the category selector. Remember, on iPad you can tap and hold the sidebar icons to see categories.
• You can now pinch, zoom, and pan on full size photos on iPhone.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Facebook Pages Manager version 1.6.1 | FREE: 

• Swipe to delete comments
• Bug fixes and performance update

Facebook Camera version 1.1.2 | FREE:

• Security and bug fixes



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Google Chrome – A Fantastic Replacement For Mobile Safari [iOS]

mobile safari alternativeDo you use Chrome on your computer to browse the web? A lot of people do, as it is one of the most popular web browsers out there. It runs fast, and it offers a user-interface that many people feel comfortable with. The Chrome Webstore is filled with some fantastic extensions that help make the browser even better. I myself am an avid Chrome user on my PC and Mac, but I take my love of Google Chrome to another level, because I have also completely replaced mobile Safari with Google Chrome for iOS as my browser of choice.

Chrome on iOS offers a fantastic browsing experience that fits in the palm of your hand. Most of the features you expect to see from the desktop version of the browser make an appearance in the iPhone and iPad app. It has an interface that I find easier to use than mobile Safari, and with a couple of simple jailbreak tweaks, you can not only make the it default browser in your heart, but the default browser in your phone too.

Even if you aren't jailbroken, Chrome is still worth downloading for browsing the web, because it's just that awesome. In terms of quality, it is right up there with Mercury and Maxthon in terms of quality.


As you can probably guess, Chrome for iOS allows you to browse the web on your mobile phone. Of course, it does a lot more than that, as it offers a lot of features that are quite useful for anyone. It is especially useful for people who use Chrome as their web browser on their laptop or desktop. It uses your Google account to sync your bookmarks, so you can pull them up on your phone at any time.

mobile safari alternative

My favorite feature of Chrome on iOS is that is syncs your open tabs across devices. So if you have a website open on your desktop, but need to leave the house suddenly, you can simply go to "Other Devices" on the new tab screen and you will see all the websites open. Simply tap one, and it will open it in your Chrome browser on your iOS device. This is a great way to get back doing what you were doing before you were interrupted.

chrome vs safari

The "New Tab" page on Chrome is awesome. Just like the browser on a desktop, you can see your most visited sites, bookmarks and your other devices. This helps you get started browsing quickly and easily.

chrome vs safari

Chrome also features the ability to open a new tab in incognito mode. I don't think I need to go into the reasons why this is useful, other than to say that anything you don't want stored in your history will be private if you are browsing incognito. I will leave it up to you to figure out what you want to do with that.

chrome vs safari

Some mobile sites don't give you the option to switch from a mobile theme to a desktop theme, but Chrome has you covered. Tap the menu button next to the address bar, and right towards the bottom you will see "Request Desktop Site." This will force the browser to get a full version of the website.

google vs safari

Right below the option to request a desktop site is Settings. In here, you choose the search engine (which is set to Google by default). You can also adjust the options for voice search, you can clear your browsing history, change whether the browser saves passwords, and all kinds of other fine-tuning. You can control your privacy options from the settings screen as well.

mobile safari alternative

For people who are accustomed to Chrome on a desktop, you will appreciate that the address bar and the search are one in the same. It's a small thing, but when you are used to browsing a certain way, it's a nice little touch that improves the user experience.


If you can't deal with mobile Safari, and you want a better experience on your iOS device, Chrome is the browser to use. It comes with lots of features, a slick interface, and all the features you expect to see from Chrome. Besides extensions and apps, the mobile version offers pretty much everything the desktop one has. Try it out, and you will be happy you did.

See a List of All Wi-Fi Networks a Mac Has Previously Connected To

Wi-Fi Knowing which wireless networks a Mac has been connected to in the past be can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including network troubleshooting, determining where a Mac has been, if a specific wifi password is recoverable, and a myriad of other technical reasons. Searching for past networks is completely different from finding currently available networks, and you won't recover historical data from the menu bar item or otherwise excellent OS X wi-fi scanner tool. We'll cover two simple ways to find this information, the first is the easy route through System Preferences, and the second approach uses a lengthy command line string to read the wireless networks from a plist file.

Keep in mind these lists aren't completely infallible and shouldn't be considered forensic by any stretch, someone can manually add and remove entries from the preferred and remembered networks lists if they wanted to. Nonetheless, for the average use case troubleshooting scenario they should be adequate.

Seeing Which Wi-Fi Networks a Mac has Connected To Before

If you've tweaked your preferred networks before, you'll be familiar with this list:

  • Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu and choose "Network"
  • Click the "Advanced" button and choose the "Wi-Fi" tab
  • Look under the "Preferred Networks" list to find the list of previously connected wireless networks, it is scrollable

List of past wi-fi networks

The UI approach is easy, but the same information can be retrieved from the command line as well.

List Previously Used Wi-Fi Networks from the Command Line

A wireless network history list can be retrieved by command line through the use of this lengthy string, be sure it is entered onto a single line:

defaults read /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ RememberedNetworks | egrep -o '(SSID_STR|_timeStamp).+' | sed 's/^.*= \(.*\);$/\1/' | sed 's/^"\(.*\)"$/\1/' | sed 's/\([0-9]\{4\}-..-..\).*/\1/'

You will see something like so as the output, with only the SSID of routers listed:

Starbucks Cupertino

The long command comes from CoderWall and though it may look strange, it's required to get clean output. Entering the string without grep and sed will provide you with far more information than you are looking for in this case, as it it dumps out everything pertaining to past wi-fi connections that have become part of the "RememberedNetworks" list.